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Postural assessment: Combat daily strain and find the source of pain

Your day to day life is taking a massive toll on your bodies. A postural assessment with the Injury and Pain Care clinic will identify problem areas. This will then act as a treatment roadmap, reducing general pain and helping you achieve better posture.


postural assessment


What do people have poor posture?

What might seem like the most simple of tasks that you carry out every day could be causing poor posture. Some of the most common things to affect posture are:

  • Poor monitor placement at work
  • Slouching at your desk
  • Habits like holding phone between neck and ear
  • Incorrect methods of lifting
  • How you stand at a sink
  • Long periods of driving

These repetitive actions might seem small but when carried out regularly, these movements shorten your muscles. Over time, this will damage your posture.


What is a postural assessment?

Damage has already likely been done to your posture. Our postural assessment will locate the source of this damage and how it’s affecting your movement. With this knowledge, we can then provide effective treatment at the source of the problem – not just the area of pain. This approach will ensure your recovery is far more effective.


Your first session will include a postural or injury assessment

Your first visit to the clinic includes an assessment as it is a key element of successful treatment.


  • 1
    Getting started

    You contact the team with questions or book your session online

  • 2
    Your first session

    This first session includes an assessment and costs €50

  • 3
    Follow up sessions

    Follow up sessions are 30 or 60 minutes. We’ll advise how many sessions you’ll need


Are you worried about your posture?

Don’t leave it on the long finger anymore. If you still have some questions, the Injury and Pain Care team will be happy to discuss your options. We want to ensure you find your session beneficial and that you feel better than ever after visiting us.

Injury and Pain Care are based in Thurles, Tipperary and is run by Aidan O’Neill NMT.

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